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Thread: Newb Iphone unlock please help so i dont mess up

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    Default Newb Iphone unlock please help so i dont mess up
    I was lucky enough to get an Iphone with firmware v 1.1.1 but its been activacted with at&t what do I do to unlock it to tmobile. Do I have to restore it first, I am so unsure of what to do someone please give me a step my step guide to unlock and jailbreak it, or point me to the right direction.

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    No offense here, but have you even searched for this or looked at the top where it says GUIDES? Because there are many step by step guides listed. Just have to look first.


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    yes, I understand the whole unlocking process if its new in box but what i want to know is there a different method if the phone has been activated. Like something I have to do before doing the unlock process, I just want to know for sure instead of piecing information. Right now im assuming I have to restore it in itunes before starting the unlock process correct?

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    Its really upto you, do you want to keep it on 1.1.1 or update to 1.1.2, there are many different ways. 1.1.2 requires a bit more steps of upgrading, downgrading and then unlocking it, then upgrading it again.

    Where you are at now, you can simply just jailbreak it, run the unlock, and be good to go.


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    thanks big thats exactly what i wanted to hear, One last thing Im getting this phone used and i want it to be restored to factory new. I think I have to restore it in itunes correct? and if I do restore it wont it just upgrade my iphone to v1.1.2 also?

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