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Thread: new iphone

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    Default new iphone
    hi guys,
    i am very new with this and don't know much about these things.
    i just bought a new iphone yesturday, i want to use it in canada and i know there is no unlocking a new 1.1.2 otb. but my question is i cant do anything with the iphone exept emergency calls, what do i need to do to at least use the menu or get in it etc..
    is this possible?


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    Im more than happy to give a fellow canadian some help...

    1st off... Leave it as is.
    2nd, just wait for an unlock. Give it a month or so. Give or take and you can just do the whole jailbreaking/ unlocking then.

    lol... sorry thats the only advice i can give. You can use the ipod and some other features but just leave it. Don't do anything until an unlock comes out. Cause if it doesn't your screwed. Worst case is you can sell it fresh on ebay to someone that will use it with AT&T or wait til Rogers in Canada gets the contract.

    either way... JUST LEAVE it til an unlock comes out. Im running 1.1.1 updates to 1.1.2. My brother has an OTB 1.1.2 for a month now -unwrapped. Week 47. He's waiting.

    I know its tempting but wtf can you do? nadda. wait it out. You'll appreciate it more. Just get fiamliar with this forum. Search topics, read, so you don't post repetitive questions. RESEARCH the forums. I been on here a while and i still post Stupid questions that go unanswered where i find out the question for myself an hour later.

    Cheers. Count down a month from now and you should be happy. Im not making any promises.

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    thanks for the advise

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