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Thread: hypercard sim with 1.1.3 ??

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    Default hypercard sim with 1.1.3 ??
    sup people !! i recently bouth a hypercard for my OTB iphone !! t works great and i can dual sim !! i was wondering wen the 1.1.3 update comes out , will my hypercard still work or i gota buy a new one ??

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    Ok People 1.1.3 IS NOT OUT we dont even know if its real or not so asking questions like, Will this work on 1.1.3 well im sure you know the same answer we do. your best bet is to wait until 1.1.3 or what ever comes out and then.... ask

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    ok we might not know what's gona be in the update but there's defenatly one comin !! that is offiial and even if we dunno wen it's comin out , u know there's one coming out !!

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    i have herd it SHOULD work..but again, it isn't out so we just don't know

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    I have a crystal ball right here and Miss Cleo also says that it will work..

    1.1.3 isn't even out.. lol

    Anyone who can say this will work 100% will be purley speculating..

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    It probably will. Well atleast i hope it will.
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    No one has hands on 1.1.3 so... yea ... hopefully questions will be answered sooner or later

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    no it shouldn't, because the bootloader has been changed

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    It should work if it doesn't it wouldn't work for 3 weeks max because they just need to re-program them for 1.1.3, unless AAPL/ATT changes there sim design then where F*U*C*K*E*D
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    so does it work?

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    We shall see

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