I have an exiting AT&T Account--Bastards--and just got an iPhone. Can I swap out my current Nokia's SIM and do a normal Activation? (Then I can use Sim Port to move my contacts.)

And once activated normally, can I unlock the phone as long as the firmware is 1.1.1 using AnySim or a similar product? Or can you only unlock before activation?

I was thinking maybe I would activate the phone, call and cancel my contract before 30 days so I go back on my contract-less basis, and then unlock the phone so I can still use it on AT&T. Would this work? Would it only work with hardware like Turbo SIM? And if I am using an unlocked/hacked iPhone on AT&T does this stop me from getting visual voicemail?

I was lucky enough to get an OTB 1.1.1 phone, but I want to have a good strategy to maximize the usability since I travel out of the country a lot.