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Thread: Does this mean I have 3.9FB Bootloader..??

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    Default Does this mean I have 3.9FB Bootloader..??
    Ok well heres my iphones story.....

    I got a iphone unlocked and jailbroken with ziphone(the newest version). I had problems with ziphone and wanted to unlock/jailbreak with ilberty+.

    So I bootneutered my bl back to 4.6. After that I restored it in itunes and unlocked/jailbroke it with ilberty+.

    Well with my paranoia of my iphone being "broken"(which it's not) I thought I still had the permanent 3.9 bl from ziphone.

    So today I checked BBinfo and it told me I had a...
    Modem Firmware of : 04.04.05._G
    and Bootloader Version of : 3.9_M3S2

    I wasn't sure if that bl version was the fakeblank one or not..

    So i opened bootneuter and let it set the settings according to my iphone..

    I got these settings:

    Bootloader version: 3.9
    Neuter: Off
    Fakeblank: On
    Unlock: On

    Since fakeblank is on and my bl is 3.9...does this mean I got 3.9 FB bootloader that you get from using ilberty+??

    Thanks in advance( and thanks to anyone who helps) I really need to know too.

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    You have the 3.9 FakeBlank Bootloader, the only reason it says 3.9_M3S2 is because the iPhone cannot distinguish between the fakeblanked bootloader and the original 3.9 bootloader
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    Its 3.9 FB

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    u know, if u want 4.6, all u needa do is open up bootneuter, pick 4.6 and unlock neuter on and FB off and hit flash, it'll unlock ur iphone for you. there is seriously no need to re-run or use any other program to unlock ur phone. boot neuter does it all
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    I am using 1.1.3 ziphone 2.4 and my bl 3.9 M3S2 and if I want to upgrade from 3.9 bl to 4.6 bl,how am I going to do it.Need advice Thank U

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    chuasj88 : it would be better to make your own topic but I'll answer it in here.

    Download BootNeuter from Installer

    Make sure your phone is set to never for the auto-lock function in the general settings of the iPhone

    Open BootNeuter and let it load then set it as follows

    4.6 Bootloader at the top
    Neuter On
    Fakeblank Off
    Unlock On

    DO NOT interrupt the flashing process with ANYTHING. it would be better to turn airplane mode on so NOTHING comes in when you flash it

    And then flash it
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    Hi Tejh
    Thanks.But when I install BootNeuter from the utilities it promt from the
    screen : ERROR This only runs on 1.1.4

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