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Thread: Which/Right Bootneuter settings? Also some questions...

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    Default Which/Right Bootneuter settings? Also some questions...
    Ok well I just wanted to make sure of some stuff about bootneuter...

    Is bootneuter only for iphones that have gotten their bl downgraded to 3.9 with ziphone?? Or is it safe to use bootneuter on a iphone that was unlocked/jailbroken with iliberty+?...

    What are the right bootneuter settings to neuter a bootloader from 3.9 back to 4.6?? (in other words to get back to a locked to AT&T iphone...)

    Is it possible to bootneuter a iphone unlocked/jailbroken with iliberty+ with a 3.9 bl to 4.6bl while still being unlocked...If you don't get what I mean then lets say I have a iphone previously ulocked/jailbroken with ziphone. Now lets say I restored it then just jailbroken/unlocked it with iliberty+. But I still have the ziphoned 3.9bl. Is it possible for me to use bootneuter to upgrade my bl back to 4.6 and still have my iphone I can use my t-mo service...

    Oh yeah by the way my bootloader is 3.9_M3S2...
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    You may use BootNeuter with any jailbroken iPhone regardless of the method used. I personally have used every method with BootNeuter to make sure it worked.

    The "right" BootNeuter settings for a OTB or Factory iPhone would be 4.6, Neuter Off, FakeBlank Off, Unlock Off, and flash it.

    The preferred settings for a Unlocked and Jailbroken iPhone are 4.6, Neuter On, FakeBlank Off, Unlock On

    Yes, I personally have tested this, simply set BootNeuter to 4.6, Neuter On, FakeBlank Off, Unlock On and flash, It works perfectly with T-Mobile. It may not display any service for a few moments after you flash but don't worry

    Also, make sure you have your phone's auto-lock feature set to Never. If the flashing process is interrupted, it could damage your phone

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    Is there any reason to use the 4.6 over 3.9? I have a phone that was 1.0 OTB and is now running 1.1.4, so I used bootneuter and just neutered and unlocked the 3.9 BL that was on there.

    Will there be any benefit to flashing it to a neutered and unlocked 4.6 or not even worth the bother?

    Is there any reason to use the 4.6 over 3.9? I have a phone that was 1.0 OTB and is now running 1.1.4, so I used bootneuter and just neutered and unlocked the 3.9 BL that was on there.

    Will there be any benefit to flashing it to a neutered and unlocked 4.6 or not even worth the bother?
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    You may want to use the 4.6 with Neuter On, FakeBlank Off, and Unlock On in prep for the 2.0 firmware coming out this friday. However, this does not clear you to upgrade straight to it. Wait until we have the OK from the iPhone Dev Team before upgrading anything.
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    Why should I use 4.6? I had BootNeuter set to 4.6BL, Neuter On, FB off, and Unlock on (using SunCom). The volume was very low so I switched back to 3.9BL but left the other settings as stated above. I did DL the volume hack for 1.1.4 (my current FW version) and it helped but I figured I would go back to 3.9 because that is what the phone was set to (according to BootNeuter) before I even made any changes to the BL or BB.

    Should I change it back to 4.6? What are the advantages? Sorry for asking a possibly redundant question, but I searched for hours yesterday on 4.6 vs 3.9 differences and never found an answer.

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    I upgraded to 2.0 stupidly without understanding that 2.0 can not be unlocked. HOwever, I originally used ziPhone to unlock my phone whoch downgraded by bootloader to 3.9. I have managed to restore to 1.1.4 and re-jailbreak, but I have no service.

    I have tried each setting of bootnueter stated here but the flash keeps coming back as failed.

    Any one know how I can unlock my phone so I can get my service back?

    I get the phone into DFU mode and then attempt to restore to 1.1.4. The restore fails with error 1510. However I am able to use iLiberty to kick it out of restore mode and then I am taken to the emergency call screen. The screen with the slie to unlock but will only allow an emergency call. So...I tried to use iLiberty to jailbreak and unlock, which gets me past the emergency screen but no installer and no unlock. I used ZiPhone and this at leasts jailbreaks 1.1.4 but still no unlock, or at least no service.

    I think there is a problem with the baseband being the incorrect number for a 1.1.4 restore. I even tried erasing my baseband hoping that a restore to 1.1.4 would install the correct number. Still no service.

    I am out of options.....

    My problem is is that the 2.0 upgrade also upgraded my Base Band. I needed a way to downgrade the BB so I could restore 1.1.4. KiPhone is the software I used to do so. Once downgraded, I was able to restore back to 1.1.4 without any errors. I then used ZiPhone to JB/activate/unlock my phone. Once at the springboard, I did a reset of all settings and a quick re-boot, and the AT&T logo was back!!

    I can make and receive calls and I feel as though my iPhone is all brand new again I'm such a sap.

    Anyone having the same issues may want to give KiPhone a try.

    iClarified - iPhone - How to Downgrade Your Baseband Using KiPhone
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    hah, glad to know you got it all up and running again

    I just got a 4.6 bootloader 8GB from warranty with 1.1.4 on it and had some trouble unlocking but bootneuter did it for me and everything is working great. Gotta love the dev. team!!!
    i LOVE apple.

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