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Thread: Found Unlocking Possibilty???

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    Default Found Unlocking Possibilty???
    Ok i found this on another website. I am not able to test it as i do not ave my iPhone. I guess its a program where it generates a code when you enter your IMEI. But where does the code need to be entered at??
    Heres a screenshot of the program.

    And here is the download link. Can someone test and confirm. I checked it and it wasn't a virus. Open Application Files folder and open folder inside that one and open up the one the says iphone1.1.2 4.6 bootloader..
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    lol, he has 2 posts, the download site was created by him.... kind of fishy

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    Yeah i do have 2 posts. So what?? i have like almost 700 on and my username is pixa619. And how is the website created by me. Its 4shared its a public file hosting service. KNow your websites. Gosh
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    Where/How do I enetrer the code at?

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    I wanna see the source code of this app before I enter my IMEI into a software that could possibly call home and send my imei to whomever wrote the damned thing. Until then, I'm weary about it being a scam to gather IMEI numbers.
    Search NAZI

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digital Oxygen View Post
    I wanna see the source code of this app before I enter my IMEI into a software that could possibly call home and send my imei to whomever wrote the damned thing. Until then, I'm weary about it being a scam to gather IMEI numbers.
    What can someone do with an IMEI number for a phone that isn't unlocked (i.e. usuable)? I'm trying it, but I have no idea on how to enter the code. Further more, it's giving me a number like this "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.x" how do I throw in a decimal?

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    this would be one hell of a Christmas prank... someone could have easily cooked this little program up just to keep people occupied for a while....

    if there were no instructions provided on how to use the prog, don't you think it's a bit of a stretch that the thing will actually work?

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    what is the setup file that is acompanied by the generator. Seems like it's not a real deal it's just a way to get some spyware put on peoples computers.

    ok there is something fishy about that file...i just looked at the properties and it claims to be by microsoft....YEAH RIGHT!!!!....but digitally signed by PC_van_Scheper\Scheper which is uncertified. Yeah it's definately some sort of spyware.

    I can't believe people are coming up with crap like this. Here's is what you do to come up with your own code for your iphone. Here is how the imei calculator that is posted works. You put in your imei number in the calculator and it comes up with a random code....or does it. Now Take that number you just put in and multiply that by 1.4285714 on an actual calculator and WAHLAH you now have the same code that imei calculator just came out with.

    It's created by Microsoft probably because they probably used VB to create this stupid program.
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    Exclamation Not Tested PUC generator
    This is been floating around since Xmas Morning...Is it Legit?

    Application to unlock your iphone using your IMEI Not tested so your are responsible for it...Use it at Your Own Risk

    download link

    put "share" w/out the quotes instead of those annoying x's

    Post Your Results.

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    bro, had u read around before creating this thread, you would have seen 2 other threads similar to this one.... and to answer ur question, no one knows because the package was released without instructions.... therefore, you can rightfully assume that it is a fake

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    Hey guys, tested this with 2 different cards. It doesnt unlock the phone... My phone is fine, my sims are working. If anyone else wants to test this... chris52204 is right when u put number 1 as ur imei the program gives u a number 1.48..... so it just multiplies by that every single time

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    yeah, this app is useless, written in VS2008 "CUsers\Scheper\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\imei generatir iphone\" mr Sceper has made a simple calculator that has no relevance to the imei number. admitadlty this does not send or do nething so its mere purpose is ?????

    waste of time lol
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    so this is fake???g
    gosh. people suck when they do this. Wish it would ahve worked. But where would you put the number it generates at???

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    yes, this is confirmed as fake.

    Oh, and generally speaking, codes like this (imei generated unlock codes) where entered by using the phone keypad and entering like you would a number.

    the old *#pw+1234567890+1

    where 1234567890 was a 10 digit unlock code, and the +1 (+2,+3,+4) referred to a specific lock

    most commonly used on Nokia's but other models did follow suite (but not many lol)

    i would assume IF such thing existed for the iPhone, it would be similar
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