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Thread: So simple it won't work?

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    Default So simple it won't work?
    Hey everyone,

    I'm not looking for information on the 1.1.2 OTB unlock, but I did have a question about 1.1.2 OTB iPhones... Basically, I have a 1.1.1 unlocked iPhone and am thinking about getting a 1.1.2 (for when the day finally comes!!). I noticed, while jailbreaking a friend's 1.1.2, there is an option to restore my 1.1.1 phone's information (number, contact, etc) to the 1.1.2 phone. Is it possible for my fido sim card info to be copied to the AT&T sim card during this restore, or would that only work if the original sim was AT&T as well? I'd try it now but the 1.1.2 phone I have isn't mine etc etc.

    If that question is ridiculously stupid, feel free to ignore it =)


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    any potential to bollocks something up?

    and Before I try, does anyone have any information that might make this a waste of time? (E.g. you can't restore fido /rogers/whatever data to an ATT sim card and use it on fido/rogers/whatever... or the "restore" is only music and contacts, it just lists the phone number for identification)

    That kind of information would be really appreciated =)

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    The restore process has nothing to do with your SIM's. It only affects information stored on the iPhone itself.

    There's a program that will allow you to download your SIM phonebook to you iPhone. It should be on the installer somewhere.
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