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Thread: Next Sim II, $50 US + shipping $20 US, what you guys think?

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    Default Next Sim II, $50 US + shipping $20 US, what you guys think?
    All together I think it's $70 bucks US, so far it's cheapest alternative sim card, other than Hypercard maybe, what do you guys think?

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    Well their spelling and layout of the ebay page leads me to suspect them highly. IMHO anything shipped direct from China is seedy at best.

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    if it wasn't made from China, then you should be willing to pay higher price for what you going to get, and at the end they probably serves the same function, but you pay double the price compare to stuff made from China. This concepts has been going on in the world, not only the sim cards. Besides according to what you've said, I'd be sure you haven't been to China in the last 2 years.

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    Dude it could be a scam its china man i don't trust them.

    Might aswell go with simfree.
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