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Thread: How can I revirginize FW 1.0.0?

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    Question How can I revirginize FW 1.0.0?
    Hi all,

    I have a FW 1.0.0 phone, modem FW 03.12.06_G, unlocked with AnySIM 1.0.2.

    Can someone please tell me how to revirginize this version of the modem FW? All the methods I've found revirginize 03.14.08_G. Every thread I've found that deals with this has been inconclusive.

    Or am I stuck at 1.0.0 forever, with the only alternative being to update to 1.1.1 and "brick" the phone, then try and repair the damage from there? This seems hit-and-miss and I'd rather have a fully working 1.0.0 phone than a lockdown IMEI issue I can't fix ...

    Any help would be MUCH appreciated - I know I'm not alone having this issue.

    Many thanks,

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    Why would you do that?
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    Thanks for responding, I want to revirginize before updating to 1.1.1 as AnySIM 1.0.2 will have damaged my seczone ... was this what you meant?

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    Download 1.0.2 From the downloads, when you restore hold shift(PC) or option(Mac) and select that file to restore to, and your at the new firmware and virginize away

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    Thanks Doerrfan - just to be pedantic, can you confirm then that restoring to 1.0.2 from unlocked 1.0.0 won't cause major problems? Should I restore to 1.0.2 or upgrade? Sorry to be pedantic but I'm keen to get as much information as possible before I do anything. Thanks again.

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