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Thread: Hypercard review

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    Anyone telling you that they can unlock the new 1.1.2 phone is lying to you. The only way that it can be done is with turbosim, which is not a true unlock. As a matter of fact it can just relock itself at anytime, do not trust this. Just wait until the real unlock comes out, it should be ready by the middle of jan, when apple updates the software again. Once again if you do not want to destroy your $400.00 phone do not have it unlocked yet!!!!!!!!!!
    Newbytech: please don't post a bunch of BS in here unless you know what you're talking about, and by reading your post, you have no idea. The preprogrammed hypercard works the same as the turbosim and stealthsim. It works on 1.1.2 out of box just as my review said. Why would I make this up? Sheesh. And no, it cannot just "lock" at any given moment that's just silly. Whoever posted that has no idea how things work. No guarantees it's update proof. But you cannot brick your phone with it since you are not modifying your phone.

    I got a hypercard from a guy in Vancouver. Can't get it to work, everything else works on the phone, but it's not unlock.
    Fastrak: did you get a preprogrammed hypercard? The hypercard also comes unprogrammed and it will do nothing for you in that state.

    For the guys asking for videos of the process, I used all mine and don't have any at the moment. If I get more I'll be happy to take some pictures of it or something.
    Please do not send me messages here as I never check them. If you need to contact me, send me an email. My contact info is easy to find from inside Cydia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacobzking View Post
    i ordered my hypercard the day before yesterday and it still hasnt shipped, I PMed "" on here and havent gotten a response. Not looking good so far.
    im in the same boat as jacobzking. i ordered mine the 18th and nothing has shipped yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DotConsole.Com View Post
    I was responding to the post of the hyper-card from Eric.. Not my own site... and giving bigboss credit to his work on the software he has developed for the iPhone.. However it didnt post from my first edit so it looked like what I was commenting on was dotconsole and not the hyper-card site..

    See the other hyper card reveiw..

    Just sended you an email

    I live in Brazil, can you ship to this location? I was thinking in ordering 5 for testing first

    I can pay via paypal



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    ordered the 18th. sent them an email today since my account showed no signs of the package being shipped (website said shipped between 2-3 days).

    they said they're back ordered and won't get anything until after the holidays...sigh

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloo View Post
    im in the same boat as jacobzking. i ordered mine the 18th and nothing has shipped yet.
    not looking too good for us, I'll give it another day or so and then file a dispute with my card company. maybe they are just backed up. he did say that they sold out of the 40 that they had in stock.

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    my advice: don't buy from this site. they're just a reseller of hyper cards. i read on hackint0sh forums that the real company (out of taiwan) is very quick on shipping out (people in NY got their hyper card within days of ordering).

    the only catch is the original site costs 85 while this site is only 65....

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    Ok whats the site. ^^
    Iphone Love... I dreamed of a iphone before it was out..

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    Nice!! Might pick one up soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by yowiphone View Post
    Ok whats the site. ^^
    im wondering the same thing..
    if software unlcok dosent come in a week or 2, i was gonna order from that site... dotelectrotincs or w/e

    but im still hoping for an apple fw update and unlock!

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    one guy referred this site to buy from. everyone that has ordered from this site has claimed excellent turn around time. search around the forums if you want to read their experience. who would've thought the company in taiwan would ship faster than the one in san francisco (dotconsole)?

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    i have been wondering if i should buy one and u finally made up my mind

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    Quote Originally Posted by DotConsole.Com View Post
    Doing a video now...

    You will want a dual sim then...

    Bigboss didnt create this product its made by hypercard,, I was talking about I picked up 40 units from Hypercard and am selling them from they sold out in 2 days.

    I was saying cudos to bigboss on all the software he has written for the iPhone in his repository...

    Talka bout jumping to conclusions..
    i didn't jump to any conclusions, i directly asked you if that was the case, and you have now responded that it isn't.

    regardless your original actions of creating extra accounts in order to promote yourself are not admirable. way to be classy.

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    So whats better this or Turbosim, stealthsim?
    Iphone Love... I dreamed of a iphone before it was out..

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    I ordered a stealthsim through Iphonehellas on 12/16 and it arrived on 12/20. It worked perfectly. Maybe it worked too well. I paid 108 on 12/16, the jacked their price to 136.16 as of today.

    I wonder how hard it would be to make these? Cant existing ones be reversed engineered?

    I found some on Ebay for 45 and I will give them as try if and when they arrive.

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    A new verison of HyperSimCard aka Hypercard AKA Hypercard v2

    Will be released Jan 7th to us retailers.. IT features more support for countries and a smaller design to help fit with apple's sim gate..

    Also its rumored the chip will be moved to a better place for easier installtion.


    More info coming soon.. Happy New year to all!

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