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Thread: Upgraded 1.1.2 unlocked but then relocked?

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    Default Upgraded 1.1.2 unlocked but then relocked?
    I had successfully unlocked my phone before using AnySim 1.2.1u and it worked great. However, over night it relocked back to AT&T. Now I can't even unlock it again following the same steps by downgrading to 1.1.1 then upgrading to 1.1.2

    Anyone else have the same problem?

    To be more specific, when I try to run AnySim again it tells me this phone cannot be unlocked but the first time i ran it, it was okay. Again this is not an OTB 1.1.2.
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    you need to downgrade your baseband. run the bbReloader on the iphone in installer. also istall downgrading baseband #2. If it says successful, then go ahead and run anysim again. I myself had that problem, but now I cant get my tmobile sim to work. keeps saying invalid sim.

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    I've been searching for the past 2 days and I can't find out how to do what he just explained. Can someone link me to some guides? That would be greatly appreciated.

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    I havent seen any guides on this tried to look for you also, been looking on the installer app and cannot find the BBuploader, i did manage to see the BB Downgrader which will downgrade your baseband which is what they are asking you to do.... You can only do this if you have the 04.02.13_G modem, after that you should resore..

    Cant remeber where the source of this is see if you have it if not ill try to look at the notes that i have at home.

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    thank you for your offer to help, i was afraid i was going to get a forum nazi and have someone tell me to search

    i'll appreciate any advice or wisdom anyone may have about this situation

    i am definitely looking for those programs, i do not have BB Downgrader in my list unfortunately

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