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Thread: My Iphone looks to be deffective

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    Default My Iphone looks to be deffective

    The first time I activated the iphone, I did everything ok by the method 307 and I could free my sim correctly and afterwards I didn't install anything else.

    Everything was working fine, but when I checked 3 hours later, the iphone didn't respond, the screen was on, but I couln't touch or turn it off. The battery was ok, I mean in the middle. So I had to restart it.

    This occurs to me quite often, so I don't know what to do. I restores it several times but the problem doesn't disappear.

    Do you think it can be wrong?, Will I be alowed to replace it in an Apple Store if I restore it?

    Thanks in Advance

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    i think its just an internal failure, you might just return it and get a new one.. but before you return it or exchange it be sure to restore to factory mode just like if it was of the box brand new..

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    Thanks for your answer,

    Sorry, what do you mean with factory mode?, I mean, if I restore it to the 1.1.1 firmware and appears the earth world is enough or do I have to do something else?

    Do you think that if I go to the apple store with it and the invoice, explaining the problem they will give me a new one at the same moment?, I am a little scare if they ask me if I activated the sim or if they have to check the iphone and find out that has been jailbreaked.

    I live in Spain, but a friend will go and try to replace it next week in the US, so I want to be sure I can have a brand new this same day.

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    you have to restore with firmware 1.1.1 to make it look like it was straight out of the box. That is, when you start it up it asks you to activate with iTunes

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    Do you have summerboard installed? If so, you need to ensure DIM Background is turned off. This causes random events and crashes as you describe.
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    No, I don't have summerboard installed.

    I will restore with 1.1. but I think I need to do something with the baseband as well, don't I?

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