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Thread: Super Unlock ??? 1.1.4 virginize

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    Default Super Unlock ??? 1.1.4 virginize
    Hello guys,

    Yesterday i bought a 16 GB iphone that already was unlocked, as soon as i arrive to my home i restored it with 1.1.4 for unlocking it with my preferred method and here's the tricky part .... after restoration it lost all the activation but it doesn´t lose the unlock. I tried to jailbreak + activate + unlock with iliberty+ and pwnage just to realize they could not do it (these are news). Finally after 2 hours i decided to use ziphone 3.0 which did the work.

    Is there any way to virginize 1.1.4 firmware with 04.04.04_g baseband and get rid of this weird unlock ??

    Thanks in advance,

    Christian Romanelli

    I have an iphone since the early OTB 1.1 since then i have downgraded it to 1.0.2 , unlock it, virginized it, upgrade 1.1.3, unlock it again, upgrade it 1.1.4 and unlock it. all this nice work finished when i broke twice my screen. Now a 16gb ziphone 3.0.

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    I don't really see what the problem is, apart from ziphone being your preferred method of unlock
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    isn't ziphone the most unstable unlocking method? works great for jailbreaking imo
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    Did you try a DFU restore and then setup the iphone as NEW?

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    Thank you all for your quick reply, the problem is that i wanted to have in my control all the unlock procedure , otherwise how can i upgrade or make any question if i don't know how my phone is unlocked ?

    Changing subjects, i find very curious the fact that a unlock survived several itunes restore.



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    do dfu restore
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    My head is spinning with the complete lack of information given to figure out your probem. haha

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    What is the difference between dfu restore and normal restore ?


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    Well mine is the same way and i love the fact i can restore or do whatever i want and don't have to keep unlocking it. As you know though when 2.0 is released it will relock your phone for sure so i wouldn't get in to big of a hurry to update to it until they get it unlockable just my 2 cents...
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