Hey guys, im havin' some trouble anyone want to help me out?

To make a long story short, I had an unlocked 1.1.1, upgraded to 1.1.2, phone flipped out, took forever, but i got it to 1.0.2 and now im at the activate iphone screen.

If I can just activate it then I know how to do everything else from there! I've done this many many times, I know what I'm messin around with so don't consider me a "noob" or anything. Im just stuck because all previous activation methods will NOT work.

I've tried iDemocracy 2 and clicking activate 1.0.2, ive tried AppTapp, ive tried winstaller, and if i open independence and click activate it says Waiting For Jail.. and then puts it back in restore mode.

I don't have my ATT sim card and have gotten weird/different results if i have the sim card in and out. (tmobile sim card by the way)

All documented methods to activate 1.0.2 seem to either just automatically quit, or stop in the command prompt. It gives me the "looking for iphone..." message, then all of them seem to give me the "UsbMuxListenerCreate: No Error" message.

Apparantly others have gotten this when they didnt have iTunes installed and tried to jailbreak or something, but I have itunes 7.3 on my windows xp machine and 7.4 on my mac.

So should i try and activate it with an unactivate at&t sim card? i just dont know what to do at this point. Any help is greatly appreciated I will thank you.