Hi guys,

Hoping you could help me out here. I've got a OTB 1.0.2 which i upgraded to 1.1.1 using the jailbreakme method. Used AnySim 1.1.1 to unlock.

I didn't do any patched lockdownd changing.

I changed my sim cards around yesterday to try to see if it would work. The other sim card didnt ask to be activated. It had a proper signal from the carrier. (didn't test to see if could call in/out)

I changed it back to my old sim card and while i have signal from the carrier, I am unable to make calls or sms (both of which fail)

Tried turning on and off and waiting a while but it still doesnt work.

Any advice? I dont think i have read a problem like this.

BTW, running on a mac. =)