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Thread: What's the best way to unlock iPhone?

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    Default What's the best way to unlock iPhone?
    Hi! Just bought an iPhone a few days ago. It is used. According to the owner, he bought it on the first day it was sold by Apple. Hence, it is the first released version of iPhone. He regularly updated it and currently it has firmware version 1.1.4. He has never unlocked and never jailbreak it. I'm afraid to unlock it but I have to because I'm using T-Mobile. Now my question is, which software should I use to unlock it? I have read several post here and I'm confuse on which one to use. So I would like to ask anyone here for your opinion which unlocking software to use and tell me why you think I should use it. Also, if you know any issues with the unlocking software, please let me know too. Thank you!

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    Dont use ziphone because it apprently downgrades your bootloader. Im getting another iphone 2marrow and will use winpwn to unlock it. There is also iliberty which i hear is pretty good. BTW dont pay for any unlocking software, they are all scams.

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    Thanks. I have been reading a lot of post here. Most of them suggest Iliberty or Winpwn. I'm leaning towards Winpwn but Iliberty looks easier to use like Ziphone. I read from a post here against using Winpwn because it's only beta and then another post against using Iliberty because it damages Wifi. So I'm still deciding which of the two to use.

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    WinPwn is outof beta now, iLiberty is safe as well. ZiPhone won't downgrade your bootloader, because its already at 3.9, but it can still damage your wifi

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    Indeed, Pwnage is the way to go.

    iDemocracy3 and iLiberty are very comfortable to use too.

    The best thing is when you use pwnage, you can create your own firmware which is pre- unlocked, activated and jailbroken!
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    my phone is 1.1.4 BL 3.9 is that bad?? sorry for my poor english

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    Hey so now i'm worried! i unlocked,jailbroke, and activated my phone (OTB 1.1.2 now 1.1.4) with ZiPhone. I haven't tested it with any other sim card but there have been no side effects because of it.

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    winpwn all the way. just get it from Main Page - WinPwn

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    I find winpwn to be buggy. I tried all ways. I prefer iliberty. To solve the wireless problem I unlocked and jailbroke and activated. Then I installed bootneuter. I flashed boot neuter to fakeband 3.9. Then I loaded the iliberty payload fix for greyed out wifi and all is well. Intact I am replying to this thread from my iPhone.

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    Thank you all for your response. Update... I have the iPhone on hand now and it looks brand new even though it's almost 1 year old. I guess the seller upgraded to another iPhone because all the accessories he gave me are factory sealed and unused. I'm still deciding which unlocking software to use. More info about it... it is already activated since the seller had AT&T, it is the first released version 1.0.0, was regularly updated, current version 1.1.4 (4A102) and modem firmware 04.04.05_G. Any more suggestion on which software to use based on the above information?
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    I think PWNAGE is the best.

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    Great thread!!!!!!it helped me out so much thanks guys

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    i unlocked activated unlocked and jailbroke my 1.1.4 1st gen iphone with ziphone and it working perfect on tmobile and wifi data and all on edge and wifi no problems . took literaly 10 mins for the whole processs

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