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Thread: Unlocking US OTB(out of the box) Iphone v1.1.2

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    Default Unlocking US OTB(out of the box) Iphone v1.1.2
    is that possible? also can we get a guide in how we can do that?


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    thats what i need help with also...anyone..plz help!!

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    You can't.

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    I hear the 1.1.2 OTB is unlockable thorugh the new TurboSim check it out here : [ame=""]YouTube - TurboSIM with 4.06 BL[/ame] and there is some guy on ebay selling it for 200$ which is pretty much half the price of the iphone itself :P

    check these out:

    - mdZViewItem

    - 13 (translate this page to english from google translator)

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    The sim card was a bit pointy at the end? Something im missing here?

    And when he re inserted the sim card the phone didn't like it. So whats that all about

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    at the end when he inserted the simcard it wasnt with the turbosim attached to it. Turbosim isnt a program, it acts like a fake AT&T sim card, your original sim card is attached to the turbosim and both are placed into the iphone. Its pointy at the end because you have to cut your original sim card with scissors in order for it to attach to the turbosim

    so when he inserted his vodaphone card without turbo sim it gave him an error, but with turbosim it worked.
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    with the 1.1.2 out of the box, u can unlock everything but the phone service correct? so you may use it as an ipod touch? whats the best way to unlock it to that point then? major newb at this...any help would be great

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    Welcome to the Forums mate.

    I suggest read a lot on this

    Good guides on there, and some on other good websites too, but i particularly prefer MMIF. Do what a lot of us did here....Read ! Doesn't take long

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    i had a turbo sim on a 1.1.2 i restored to 1.1.4 and jailbroke it with iliberty+
    now the phone does not work with my normal sim card

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