hello all

I am coming off my Sprint contract, already bought an iPhone a couple months back (not activated, but jail-broken) and I'm wanted to get the skinny on carrier rate plans.

So, I just did the math comparing an AT&T family plan with 700 shared minutes .vs a comparable T-Mobile plan.

OK. The sales person at the local AT&T store said he would set up my account as if I was a current AT&T customer so the plan could be set up as an upgrade to my service. I guess this is how they do it if you REALLY are a current AT&T customer and are upgrading to the iPhone. Or it had something to do with the fact that I wanted a family plan with one phone being an iPhone and other a regular phone. Not sure. I was also setting it up with a data plan for the iPhone only. Oh yea, I dont know about T-Mobile but the guy at the AT&T store said he would waive my activation fee since I was switching from Sprint. All the T-Mobile info was taken from their website. Both plans have the same basic features, call waiting etc.

The following is assuming you've already bought and iPhone and will be getting a free phone with a new 2 year agreement.


Minutes 700 (shared)
Rate $70
Data Plan $20 (one phone)
Fees & Tax $15
TOTAL $105


Minutes 700 (shared)
Rate $60
Data Plan $6 (one phone)
Fees & Tax $10

So final number read the T-Mobile is almost $30 cheaper a month. I think the only feature you loose on the iPhone by not having AT&T is the visual voice mail (correct me if I am wrong about this).

Just thought I would share. I'm sure there are plenty of other folks asking the same question. Is it worth $30 a month to gain the visual voice mail but having to do the SIM exchange process, albeit pretty east to do (and waiting a few weeks to update to latest sw version as they become hacked).

Let me know what yall think. Or if anything I wrote is incorrect. Want to make the move soon. thanks.

Oh yea. Not totally up on the SIM hack. I'm guessing I would go the the T-Mobile store and get a free phone with the service and swap out the SIM on the iPhone and do the sw hack. Is it that simple?