Hello to all the peeps. First off, fantastic job on all the hard work gone into cracking every version of firmware... Much appreciated.

I am sooo close to upgrading 1.1.1 unlocked with anysim to 1.1.2 using a guide found here after seeing that I succeeded on first try with 1.1.1. I can say that I will succeed. Only thing is in the end. Will my sms and mobile phone crash and need the patch with the plist and symlink files that people are creating? Again I am in Canada and I heard that there are select countries that will work immediately after the hack...

what do you guys think?

if I do need the files... is it possible that someone can post the already altered files that I'll need. I keep reading the google code page for the fixing of this and I have to say that I am kinda lost... and I'm a geek...haha.