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Thread: iPhone a la Brick - The Challenge

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    Default iPhone a la Brick - The Challenge
    First of all, let me congratulate the developers of this site. I have seen a lot of sites in my wanderings over the past 3 or 4 days and this site by far seems the most organized and helpful! Kudos.

    Ok, on to my story. I am a father of two and can’t afford all the wonderful luxuries that I want and being a software engineer, I tend to look for technology deals that fit my budget and do whatever it takes to make the best of my purchases. My daughter turns 10 in June and for her birthday I bought her an Ipod Touch for $140.00. It had a few issues, but I managed to get it to go. However, I saw an opportunity recently to pick up an iPhone for $200.00. I had no idea the community that was erupting and the problems people were having with their devices. I read the for sale sign for the iPhone and it said bricked. I did a bit of research on the subject and came to understand the terminology and thought, I should be able to fix this and went ahead and purchased this phone. So, as of 3 days ago, I am a proud owner of an iBrickPhone. I have had it displayed proudly on my desk, and people have looked at it asking to give it a try. Unfortunately, being in the brick state that it is in, I can’t get it to operate. My daughter knows about the phone and keeps asking me about my progress. My co-workers obviously know about my phone and keep asking about my progress. Unfortunately, the progress has been slow. I have learned over the past 3 days about DFU and Recovery mode. I have learned that people have SSH’d into the phone via WiFi. I have downloaded numerous Firmware and 3rd party packages that help dissect the beast. I am waiting for the big payoff. I have this wonderful piece of technology that will not work, but is begging me to fix it. I have been consumed by it at night and really want to get it working. So… I am hoping someone on this fine suppot forum can help me diagnose and repair my iBrickPhone. Here’s what I know about the phone and the symptoms of it being bricked.

    - The phone is 8 gb .
    - The phone goes into DFU( Device Firmware Update) mode without any problems.
    - The phone can be coerced into Recovery mode, but Recovery mode seems not usable by any of the 3rd party applications like PwnageTool or ziPhone. Both software packages tell me to upgrade the firmware via Itunes.
    - The screen is mostly black or really dark grey most of the time. When iTunes is doing a software upgrade on the phone, the screen does flicker and sometimes a matrix like pixel pattern can appear. Other times, I can see what looks to be squares that could be part of interface features like a slider etc.
    - Phone screen is dark in both recovery and DFU mode.
    - No clue of what firmware is on the phone.

    I have been using independence to help monitor what mode the iPhone is in during a restore and here’s what I surmise.

    During a restore operation ITune’s sends packets to the iPhone to restart itself into either DFU or Recovery mode. It seems after it uncompresses the software, it immediately throws the iPhone into Recovery mode. It then proceeds to upload the software to the iPhone. If you are in Recovery mode instead of DFU, iTunes throws an error 2001 or 2005. So, one can conclude that those errors represent the fact that the iPhone is not in DFU mode. Now, after verification of the software is complete, with itunes, iTunes sends out another reset request. It is at this point that the upgrade fails for me. It seems that my iPhone is not going into the state that iTunes expects and throws and error 6 or error 9. I am assuming that these errors relate to the fact that the phone was suppose to reset into some other mode (not DFU or Recovery) for the next iterative cycle of the Restore procedure, that being the Firmware. Since my iPhone will not go into normal state only DFU or Recovery, I think iTunes gives up and throws the appropriate error telling us that it cannot communicate with the iPhone the way it needs to.

    I have downloaded all the firmware’s and done recovery’s to various firmware levels. There has been no luck at all. I would like to SSH into the iPhone and see what I can do, but I can’t figure out if WiFi is working or if WiFi is the only way to SSH into the iPhone.

    So, here I stand, alone with my brick and macBookPro. I can’t imagine what the users would say if this would happen to the macbookpro. That’s why I am puzzled why Apple has not come up with a general purpose solution that will work no matter what to restore the phone to it’s original state.

    I would really appreciate help in making this brick come to life. Anyone, that has any prior knowledge to unbricking this type of phone, I would really appreciate your help.


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    If your phone is in true DFU mode (where the screen is black) the ONLY way to kick it out is a successful iTunes restore. Recovery mode is where you have a big arrow pointing to the iTunes logo on the screen. In either case when you hit the restore button the phone is booted up immediately and should display a white apple logo with a little spinning wheel at the botton during the entire process. It sounds to me like the phone is fried b/c the display will not come up at all.

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