i have an iphone that had 1.0.2 firmware on it. it was also unlocked, im not sure with what method, as i paid someone to unlock it for me. i tried updating to 1.1.1 and using anysim to unlock it again, but i keep getting error messages. the first time it said that my firmware was already patched, then it says it cant unlock this phone. i tried virginizing my phone, but that wouldnt work either. i tried this method http://www.9to5mac.com/iphone-downgr....0.2-543662346 but it wouldnt work.

im not very computer savy and i dont know alot of the technical terms, but if someone could bare with me and help me, i would greatly appreciate it. TIA.

edit: i have modem firmware 04.02.13 on my phone if that helps any