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Thread: UK iPhone - Activate and use another o2 Sim?

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    Default UK iPhone - Activate and use another o2 Sim?
    Apologies if this has been answered before.

    I already own an iPhone from the US and my first question is: is it possible to install the UK firmware onto it? - or is this completely pointless?

    Second question is: My brother wants to get an iPhone from the Apple store (regents st) he wants to know about the unlocking.

    He's already on an o2 contract, so does all he need to do is buy an iPhone then activate it using 3rd party software. Or does he need to unlock it too?


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    why would you want the uk firmware? to my knowledge there would be no benefit.

    not aquainted with how the contracts have been established in the u.k. but i would guess your bro would need to jailbreak and unlock to use a sim card already in his possession. for that he'll be waiting a few days / weeks.

    in the u.s. activation ties with the contractual obligations of the at&t plans. w/o that step the phone no worky, unless it's jailbroken and unlocked.

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    Well the benefit would be that it would fix the sms problems from non numeric senders possibly?

    Id like the 1.1.2 firmware, just because im in the uk and itd make more sense to me.

    My US iphone currently has my o2 payg card, but that had to be unlocked. Sorry I know that doesnt help much, but Since the iphone needs activating via itunes, itll need activating at least and im pretty sure...unlocking too

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    what's the non-numeric sms issue of which you speak?

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