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Thread: Bricked....Please help

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    Default Bricked....Please help
    OK, so I had a ibrickr version of 1.0.2 I never upgraded.
    I used At&t only.
    All i had was third party Apps from ibrickr.
    I stupidly upgraded to 1.1.1 and it crashed my phone.
    I down graded via ibrickr using itunes with the help of ibrickr back to 1.0.2
    I recieved an connect to itunes warning and I conected but itunes told me to go to an apple store cause my iphone was damaged.
    I go to an apple store and they tell me my phone has been hacked and they can no longer work on it!!!!!! Im mad then I get on this site to see what I can do.
    Then I used Apptapp Installer......
    Then paCay
    half way good news is my phone is usable
    BUT...I still can not use my phone....Incorrect SIM.
    What do I do.

    Modem Firmware is 04.02.13_G
    My version is 1.0.2
    and I got a crappy IMEI of 0049 ect.

    Please help, I saved my money to buy this phone then apple doesnt give sh*t for apps then I get em myself and I then am punished for using them.
    I want my phone to work!!!! not to mention my bill is expensive!

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    blaming apple for your woes is misguided anger. you brought this on yourself but take heart, you can try to fix it yourself as well. check out the guides link at the top of this page and look for windoze modding / unlocking info. i'm a mac guy otherwise i'd offer some suggestions.

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    according to what i have read you need to "virginize" your phone so you can fix the 0049 problem.
    Follow this guide to add, the UNlock pack and use the virginizer tool.

    hope that helps.

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