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Thread: I was the First to hack the Iphone 1.1.2

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    Default I was the First to hack the Iphone 1.1.2
    Q. a step by step guide would be very much appreciated.

    A. A step by step guide will be made soon as that its alot of knowing when to do some thing by the signs the phone shows you if every thing works the way it should its step by step if you run into any errors it can get a little hair but at the end of this ill give a ruff draft.

    Q. and can you tell us the final result including FW version, BB version, and any other information that would be useful, IE: jailbroken = yes/no, unlocked = yes/no, all functionality = yes/no, so on...

    A. FW version 1.1.1, BB version v3.14x
    Jailbroken YES (used old PACAY), Unlocked Yes Used AnySim1.1p (only after downgrade tho!)
    functionality = I havent tested every part of the phone but I can make calls, Wifi works, i have the voice mail button back (did some thing different i will post), NO itunes Wifi tho... sorry, and some more stuff but still doing testing

    Ruff Draft :

    1. Upgraded 1.1.1 Iphone to 1.1.2 used normal way of doing a restore with the new firm file.
    2. Downgraded back to 1.1.1 with firm file same way.
    3. Jail broke using WiNstall, ACT + Youtube with old PACAY.
    4. Once in phone use revirginize (didnt turn firmware back to 1.0.2) to downgrade baseband. (followed parts of the guide and used the baseband from the v3.14x from 1.0.2) Followed ONLY that part in the offical Re virginizing guide. DIDNT DOWNGRADE TO 1.0.2. ONLY DID Phase 2 NO OTHER PART OF THE GUIDE IS NEEDED!
    5. Uploaded anySim 1.1p with Ibricker 0.91 File by file had to make all the folders as such. Make folder on phone copy all the files from that folder to the new folder on the Iphone, made lock folder in folder and copyed all files into that folder on the Iphone from the lock folder on the pc.
    6. Turned off the phone
    7. Removed sim with paper clip
    8. Put in Tmobile Sim
    9. Turned on Phone
    10. Ran anySim1.1p
    11. did what i was told from the prog waited a along while.
    12. Had a fully downgraded, Unlocked, Custom Iphone 1.1.2
    13. All Iphone progs see the phone still as 1.1.1
    14. Enjoyed the hardwork!

    If you feel i may have left some thing out plz post and ill go over it again im almost 100% sure this should be as step by step as i can get for now if u run into any errors Please post and ill walk you around it.

    Also You must load new Itunes to upgrade to 1.1.2 and then Uninstall it and quick time, etc then install old Itunes to downgrade back to 1.1.1 after Running PACAY!


    This is posted else where on the site my group and I were first!

    Sorry the post was edited again this time we all went over it and we are 100% sure (as of now these are all the steps needed) Again Very sorry.

    also block My IP again and see what a real hacking group and do to this little nothing page, dont disrespect the best!

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    oh hey you again, suggestion don't use a public proxy, worked with vtunnel in the past, and they are quite happy to hand over any and all of your information for threatening to hack a site. don't be a rude little ***** on the forums, you're what, 23? lets act a day over 12.

    oh and for everyone else, once again, the mmi unofficial mascot and theme song

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    coldasiceIsBak from Broklyn, NY ??

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