Thanks to that great product,i managed to screwup my iphone in less than 24 hours after i got it...I got the scrolling texts..The phone kept on rebooting...Here is the solution...

Remove the sim card first..Then hold both home and sleep buttons till the apple logo comes on .Remove the USB and Plug in back by keeping the home button alone pressed..Presto comes the itunes logo.If u unlocked/JBd/activated using ziphone,use ziphone to recover ur phone by pressing the first option.It is the fastest and the phone goes back to its original form without any data loss.

Hope this helps somebody.

Another mystery that happened was that after this all my programs started to work..Including edge.IF it is in a wifi environment,it goes on wifi..or it takes up EDGE...I thought they never worked together.

Thanks to the admin/mods of this site for doing such wonderful work.