Hey guys

A guy who I unlocked an iPhone for managed to somehow screw it up, probably did a restore or something idiotic like that. Anyhow so he wants me to fix it for him (don't worry I'm getting paid lol). The truth is every time I try to run independence 1.2.5 to firmware DMU the phone, independence crashes. I dont know if this is because the phone was previously unlocked or what. I'm assuming this is probably because this is not a stock 1.1.1 out of the box. But how would somebody go about unlocking a used 1.1.1? Should I follow the virginizing guide on this website? Because I thought that was made for 1.02 only.

Does anybody here have an idea what I should do to be able to revert to 1.02 and virginize this thing?

Thanks alot, I don't want to try anything that might potentially screw the phone up because I don't want to end up owing the guy 400 bucks.