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Thread: Can I upgrade again?

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    Default Can I upgrade again?

    First of all, excuse me for my english, not to good..

    Well, now to my problem(?)

    I had a full working 1.0.2 iPhone, unlocked with iUnlocker. I wanted to upgrade to 1.1.1 and i restored the baseband back to normal. I updated to 1.1.1. Everything went well until i should unlock 1.1.1 with anySIM. The whole process completed, and everything seemd good. But when I restarted the phone, and enterd the springboard I got a bad sight. The statusbar for carrier connection said no service. I tried to restore 1.1.1 but no sucess. So I downgraded to 1.0.2 again and I'm now sitting with a full working 1.0.2 firmware and 04.01.13_G modern firmwere. I didn't thought that was possible. But that's not realy what this is all about. My main question now is if there is any way for me to restore my baseband and upgrade to 1.1.1 and make another try?

    Thx for answer.

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    Yes, you can. Consult the guides found via the link at the top left of this page. Many have reported failure on the first attempt but success with a second. In most cases it's user error that caused the unsuccessful unlock / upgrade.

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    So, should I restore the baseband via the revirginizer or just go on updateing?

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    You should restore the baseband via the revirginizer. Follow all four steps outlined in that link and you'll be golden.

    It's not for the faint of heart but it's not difficult. Some users find difficulty...or so I've read.

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    well, I have no problem with virginizaton, have tried it once already and it went well. I'll give it a new try in the weekend, and hopefully i will fix a working 1.1.1 iphone. (nice when 1.1.2 is comming...) Thx!

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