Hi i have a big big problem i use this

launchctl unload /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.CommCenter.plist

cd /usr/bin

chmod +x ieraser

chmod +x bbupdater


bbupdater -v

to reset baseband from 04.01.13_G to 03.14.08_G on iphone 1.1.1 update to 1.0.2 revirgin but i use shh connection to teminal on iphone (stupid because i know) and now my iphoe say me that need repair.
I want ask if with iphoneinterface.exe i can do anything?
Itunes say me eroor 1011 ofcourse.

i can with
Open a command line and cd to the folder you extracted iBrickr to.
- Run iphoneinterface from the command line.
- You should see an r_recovery prompt.
- Type “setenv auto-boot true” and hit enter.
- Type “saveenv” and hit enter.
- Type “fsboot” and hit enter.
- Your phone will boot properly
make iphone to connect itunes to activate but with * #307# i can't say nothing because pop up say me that need repair.
Any idea? Thank a lot

Sorry for my bad english.