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Thread: Legit iPhone Unlocking?

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    Default Legit iPhone Unlocking?
    MY friend has a iphone hes selling to me

    it was 1.02 and he signed up for the 2 yrs plan thru iTUnes and he upgraded to 1.1.1 and then canceled his service.

    I did and installed anysim1.1 and it did unlock succesful. I then restarted the phone and then it went to the activate connect to itunes and told me i had a wrong sim card etc.

    then i restored and did all all that 301 crap and at the contacts it had the previous number stored!

    what should I do!

    do i need to re-viriginze it.. if so how?


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    hey, got a question. When you did the, it asked me to go Unlocking Tools category. I wanted to know where on the phone i can find that?

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    1. Open installer, and install the update if prompted.
    2. Go to sources and tap Edit and Add
    3. Add this URL:
    4. Tap Done and then Refresh
    5. Go to Install (at bottom) and scroll down to the category "System"
    6. Install BSD Subsystem (this may take some time)
    7. When done, go to Unlocking Tools category and install AnySIM (ignore the others, they are already installed if you followed this tutorial)
    8. When installed you can press the home button, and you will find a new AnySIM icon on your home screen. Launch it and follow the instructions.
    9. The unlocking process will take about 5-10 minutes, in the end it should say it was successful!
    10. To clean up your phone, launch Installer, and uninstall AnySIM and BSD Subsystem. Lastly, go to Settings → General → Auto-Lock and set it to a prefered value.
    11. If YouTube does not work ("You must first connect to iTunes..."), install YouTube activation which is found in the Unlocking tools-category.

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