pls help . i bought iphone from ebay and every thing worked fine , untill i downloaded some app from ibricky, then the four icons along the bottom ie call, ipod, safria ,were then on the top over the top of the four icons which are normally there, then 5 mins later , the apple logo was on the screen, so i held the power button down , and nothing happened, so then i held power button and home button and it then switched off, then i switched it back on and all i can get is the apple logo, so then i thought i would restore phone and start again , so held down home button and power button, with usb connected, and the iphone connector and itunes icon is shown, so then itunes pops up with a box saying , a phone has been detected which needs to be restored , so then i click on restore box and then i get a message saying " itunes could not contact the iphone software update server because you are not connected to the internet" but i am connected to the internet as i can goto the itunes store, pls some one help as any 1 else had this problem ?????