I do not work for AT&T but I once worked for Radio Shack and years ago I was given a rate plan that will aparently not work with the iPhone.

AT&T tells me that I'm on an employee rate plan (2000min, unlimited SMS, 200 MMS, 5MB MediaNet for $25/mo +tax) and that this plan can not be used with the iPhone.


I want to purchase an iphone and use it on this account with this plan that I'm on, without adding the "iphone package." I already know how stupid this is because I only have 5mb of data use so please refrain from criticizing me.

I know you can unlock an iPhone to work on any network, so is there a way to make the iPhone work on my account? I've tried simply putting my SIM into a friends iPhone, but it would not work.

Does anyone have a definitive answer as to how to get this to work, or if by jailbreaking or by using the new pwnage tool will it allow me to use the iphone on my existing account?

I need some hard evidence because if I go buy an iphone and then can't get it working then I'm screwed out of a re-stocking fee.

Thanks for the help.