I've been through the iLiberty+ software (version, looking at everything, and read as many tutorials as I can find. I'm still confused and hesitate hitting the "Go For It" button. Here is my situtation:
1) In the U.S., I have AT&T on my new iPhone (1.1.4), and want to continue to use AT&T when I am here.
2) When I travel to Europe, I have SIM cards from active services there (all legit), and I want to be able to pop the AT&T SIM out of the iPhone and put it a European one. When I come back home to the U.S., I want to pop in the AT&T SIM and have phone service.

So, using iLiberty+, do I want to check off everything on the "Standard" screen EXCEPT "Activate" to accomplish what I want? Also, on the "Payloads Available On Repo" screen, do I need to check "International Support for iPhone 1.1.4?

BTW, is there a tutorial somewhere which explains the funtion of all the available payloads in a little more depth?

Thanks in advance for all help on this!