Since I don't feel the need for firmware 1.1.1 I decided to just downgrade and unlock from there. To do so I followed this guide It worked on my first iPhone but with the new iPhone I bought on October 29, it failed. Everything worked perfectly, after running the anysimv1.1 it said that the unlock was successful but after sticking in my sim I get a " Incorrect Sim; Please connect to iTunes to reactivate iPhone" This was really odd because it had worked before. So I decided to restore it again than run the anySIMv1.1 and now anysim says that it can't run anymore. "Please Restart your iPhone; anySIM cannot unlock this phone. anySIM will now quit. Please turn off your phhone and turn it on again after any sim quits." (Is this the virginzing thing? I didn't get the concept of virginizing). Another odd thing that happened is that when I had activated it some message about activatiing through AT&T kept poping up. If anyone has ideas on whats going on or any suggestions that'd be great.