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Thread: help upgrading please!

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    Default help upgrading please!
    i'm following the guide to upgrade from 1.0.2 to 1.1.1 and im at the part where im doing the pre 1.1.1 upgrade on independence. I'm getting stuck after it fails the first time it fails the second time not getting a success messages

    i'm getting this error messages
    "couldn't remove entry from /users/jacob/.ssh/known_hosts. Please edit that file by hand and remove the line containing your phone's IP address.

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    You'll get more help if you post the specifics of the technique you're using to unlock. Your original post is far too vague for comment.

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    Hi, I'm experiencing the same problem, used a brand new iphone, with 1.0.2 firmware, then used independence 1.2.5 to activate the phone, installed the ssh app, and when i was ready to run the pre 1.1.1 upgrade on the firmware tab, I get the message:
    Host verification failed.

    Would you like iNdependence to try and fix this for you by editing /Users/macbook/.ssh/known_hosts?

    When I click yes i get this message:

    Couldn't remove entry from /Users/macbook/.ssh/known_hosts. Please edit that file by hand and remove the line containing your phone's IP address.

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    damnit i'm having the exact same problem. Anyone figure out what to do about this yet?

    I'm using the guide "Updgrading 1.0.2 Phone to 1.1.1"

    I had a previously unlocked SIM and jailbreaked phone running 1.0.2

    I used this guide to virginize my phone, (although I never was able to find the Seczone file which I was supposed to backup in case something went wrong- I doubt this has anything to do with my problem though?)

    After virginizing the phone, I had to use the latest beta version of Independence to unlock my phone (1.3 beta 2)- reason being that I'm using iTunes 7.5 and I had to use the new MobDev Tool included in this version to allow my installation to continue with the current iTunes version.

    So I got the phone activated, but I keep having the same issue.

    If I try to install "AnySim" or if I try to do the Pre 1.1.1. updgrade, I keep getting the same error messages described above. What can I do from here?? Please help!

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    well all I did, was go to the wifi settings on the iphone, choose your network click the blue arrow, choose static, and change your ip, just the last digits fine.

    Then when it asks for your ip in independence, put your modified ip.

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    GOT IT

    Ok so mqzaidi, on another thread, posted this solution

    Open Terminal and enter the following information

    rm ~/.ssh/known_hosts

    and hit enter

    This will delete the file from your drive. Once I did this, I was able to move forward. Hope it works for you

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