I just bought a brand new iphone a few days ago from the Apple Store and need it to work on t-mobile. I've spend several days, hour upon hour reading just about everything in this forum to properly unlock it and to make most, if not all of the functions to work.
The problem is, there are many conflicts and unclear messages as to where to start. It appears that Apple is shipping all of their current 8GB phones with the 04.01.13_G firmware (1.1.1).

My primary questions are:

Does it matter what version of i-tunes is used? Current ver on itunes is

Do I leave the original Sim in the phone running the procedures?

What steps do I want to run with this firmware version?

Do I have to roll the firmware back, unlock and roll back to 1.1.1?

I can see there are a lot of very intelligent iphone people here and hope someone will be able to help. I'm sure there are many new members here that have the exact same questions.