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Thread: IPSF Unlock Failed. Unable to download Firmware

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    Default IPSF Unlock Failed. Unable to download Firmware
    Has anyone else had this. I have emailed the IPSF support for both my reseller and the actual team and no response. SO I thought I would ask here.

    It is a brand new iphone at 1.1.1 and the latest baseband. I followed their instructions and no matter what I do I get this message. They say in their instructions that I have to restore in itunes to the latest and so I do it and still the same message. Are they lying in saying there is no need to downgrade the baseband?

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    You shouldn't need to dg the baseband, try restoring to 1.0.2 instead of 1.1.1 and then retry to unlock. That's what I did with one of mine and it worked no problem.

    btw... here's the link to the 1.0.2 firmware
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    Well, I have tried that and still same message unable to download firmware, I have tried it with all possible combinations, and it always says the same thing. Unlock failed: unable to download firmware.

    This is a brand new phone from the Apple Store, so I think there must be something else.

    It restores to both 1.0.2 and or 1.1.1 just fine every time and isn't bricked. It just wont unlock. I suggest caution for those considering buying IPSF as the support has been non existent and I am not sure if I shold try another method as I don't want to brick it.

    Any other ideas? I have tried it also with my current subscribed Rogers sim card, the original at &t sim and also no sim. Still same results. What is it trying to do at that point as it seems as though everything else has worked?

    Here are my versions: 1.0.2(1C28) as I have downgraded it with both a downgrade restore. My Modem firmware is 04.01.13_G.

    I am not sure where to go now. I see that it still asks me to activate with AT and T but that is impossible for me.

    Ok, looks like I got it working without a baseband downgrade. and yes IPSF is a good product and yes they did answer my emails( was my dealer and they got back to me). Seems the key is not to forget to activate it with independence one you have inserted the new sim card. It is on the IPSF site but I neglected to read it. So all in all seems good to me and I am at 1.1.1 with the latest modem firm also.

    Thanks for the response tatev.
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    Default eh
    I have the exact same setup as you.

    Don't worry. It took me several tries to get it right. Keep going you will get it.

    TRust me, i was ready to launch the phone at the wall until it eventually worked. When it does you'll want to slap your self.

    You also have to be patient cause you IMIE has to get registered with them. This could take 2-3 to 24hrs. BE Patient.

    Just follow the tutorial. Very simple. Don't upgrade to 1.1.1. THat's the most important thing and you can scew up as much as you want you can restore the phone at any time... holding down the home + sleep/wake button while connected to itunes.

    trust me it will eventually come.

    If worse comes to worse email me and ill walk you through it over msn tommorow.

    other than that keep trying.


    It is really hard getting help on here. Someone of the more knowledgeble people wont answer your questions due to redundancy from us newbies.

    So research the forums and search tags. TRUST

    I've done it all on my own with the exception of some people that are really friendly and just wanted to help.


    good luck/
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    If IPSF was unsuccessful, try using anySIM-1.1p

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