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Thread: weird problems after updating to 1.1.1 and unlocking

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    Default weird problems after updating to 1.1.1 and unlocking
    hey everyone,

    i had a phone running 1.0.2 unlocked with anySim. i followed all of the guides last night with success, upgrading my phone to 1.1.1 and unlocking it to use my t-mobile sim card.

    everything seemed to work fine....i could make calls and send SMS messages.

    i put on the phone and added summerboard, NES, and mobile chat. i restarted the iphone after installing all of the programs, and things seemed ok.

    i used summerboard to install the iPod touch skin (i love the look of it). after that, i shut the phone down and charged it overnight.

    this morning, i powered on and the original iPhone skin was on instead of the iPod touch skin. additionally, all the EDGE settings for t-mobile that i had typed in last night were not there, so i couldn't connect to the EDGE network.

    and even more troubling than that, it seems the iPhone gets worse service (at some points, it loses service altogether) than when i had the phone unlocked running 1.0.2.

    i changed everything back.....i put the iPod touch skin on, entered the APN info....then i restarted to see what would happen and sure enough, all of my changes were undone.

    i'm afraid to do any more changes to the phone without some guidance. does anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem could be?

    anyone? i could really use the help. every time i reboot, i lose my EDGE settings and have to keep inputting them.

    in my mind, this has to be an easy-fix problem.....i just can't figure it out!
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    There is a fix for the edge problem, go to system/library/frameworks/coretelephonlytechnology/suport/unknowncarrier.plist
    edit that plist to the following in the first part

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    dualmax, thank you so much.

    i had tried the preferences.plist thing before, and it had done nothing, but the unknowncarrier.plist worked like a charm.

    if you're ever in NYC, i owe you a drink.

    also, i restored the iPhone to factory settings with 1.1.1 last night, i downgraded to 1.0.2, then re-upped to 1.1.1 and things seem to be running a lot smoother.

    with the edit to the unknowncarrier.plist, it connects to t-mobile's EDGE network without a problem, and i can restart the phone without the info getting purged.

    additionally, summerboard doesn't get all wacky when i restart.

    however, my signal strength is still pretty weak compared to when the iPhone was unlocked on 1.0.2. wish i could figure that one out.

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    I think the weak signal is 1.1.1 issue, the bar doesn't mean anything, it could be just more sensitive and as long as you can make call, who cares about the signal.

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