SO... I had a 1.0.2 iphone unlocked with iunlock. All was well until I decided to use the new 'virginizing' guide and then upgrade to 1.1.1 then unlock. I pulled up the courage to do the guide and everything went well! BUT... me being stupid.... I decided to restore (1.1.1 again) the iphone to fix some minor app problems.

Anyways... my iphone could not be activated when it was restored... so then I had to downgrade BACK to 1.0.2. Eventually (after one moment where my iphone didnt start--i freaked out) I got it back to 1.0.2 where it remained unlocked from the 1.1.1 anysim unlock.

To the point... now when I try to upgrade back to 1.1.1 (after doing the pre-1.1.1 thing in independence) It fails at the 'Preparing iPhone for Restore' forcing me to re-restore to 1.0.2. I only tried once because I'm too afraid to do it again....ANY SUGGESTiONS??? thnx in advance