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Thread: Man i am totally scr*wd

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    Default Man i am totally scr*wd
    Sorry to bother, but i've been looking everywhere in search for help with my bricking problem and still haven't been able to solve it. here's the deal:
    I have a iphone with 1.0.2 which was originally unlocked using iunlock. I then proceeded in virginizing it with the ipsf method by changing the dns server ecc... (i still had the 0049..IMEI by typing *#06#) and then upgraded to 1.1.1. Well the phone was totally "incorrect Sim" and i couldn't get out of it even with the new anysim procedure. So i downgraded to 1.0.2 to try and get out of this situation. I then followed all the instructions with the bbupdater -v and ICE files ecc... to restore the baseband firmware, which now appears to be 3.14.08_G but my IMEI is still 0049... and the incorrect sim still appears all the time (even with an ATT sim). At this point i believe that my problem resides in the IMEI number being screwed and i can't revert to the original one 011... Can anyone please help a poor soul out by giving me an idea on how to solve this bummer!!!! BTW the phone is activated and i can browse around the file with winscp and putty.

    BTW i don't have the carrier in the settings page on the phone! If that's of any importance to anyone and the at command stuff i read somewhere is set to 2?!

    Thanks in advance to anyone willing to give me a hand. I am also offering a reward of 50 dollars to the person who solves this for me. (that's how desperate)
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    Lol. People would help you for free... But if you feel the need for a money incenitive.
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    Virginize it after you downgrade,

    Then update.

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    Yeah tried that about 1000 times already. My prob most likely lies in the at command where your number of unlock times has reached a limit (NOR?File) and so i have to find a way of DEEP and i mean very DEEP resetting/restoring the iphone.

    I get this when I run AT+XSIMSTATE=1:

    +XSIM: 2

    +XLOCK: "PN",2,4,"PU",4,4,"PP",4,4,"PC",4,4,"PS",4,4
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    no sweat dude...

    i had the same problem.

    follow the exact same instructions here:

    most importantly - the unlock part which i dont exactly know why fixed the problem.

    "./iUnlock ./ICE03.14.08_G.fls ./eliteloader.bin"

    also, i also ran the ieraser prior to doing "./bbupdater -f ./ICE03.14.08_G.fls -e ./ICE03.14.08_G.eep" because it wouldnt let me overwrite the existing firmware

    hopes this works for you as it did for me. the only problem i have now is "no service" probably no cell reception. it' never happened to me before in my apartment when my phone was working.

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    i have the same 0049 problem
    and i have done everything
    anyone has any ideas ?

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    OK im going to make a main post about this but if any one here has bricked there iphone and wants to get a return from apple this is now you do it.

    Remember this should only be done by some one that knows what they are doing or has broken an item in this way before to get a return.

    Recently a friend of mine got an iphone for this girlfriend and was going to unlock it every thing was going well the phone was open and the act was done using PACAY (on a ver 1.1.1) then there was two copys of any sim on the PC any sim 1.1 and any sim 1.0 well i told him to mark them and he didnt needless to say he uploaded the wrong any sim and ran any sim 1.0 on a Ver 1.1.1 for all of you that are in the know this doesnt brick the phone but worse it puts it into a mod where it cant be unlocked or downgrade then on top of that it went into the dreaded slow mode where the phone works but everything is really slow then it crashes.

    We tryed everything to try to fix the phone and finally he said we are F*&ked. So i has an idea what if we claimed the phone had burned out. Ive done this many many many times before and always get away with getting a new item out of the company.

    So with that being said this is what you do.

    Get your self a cheap or old pair of head phones cut the wires and strip em. Twist the white and read wires together and the 2 grounds together (the bare wires).

    Then get your self an old Ipod charger or go buy a cheap knock off online. Cut off the Usb end, then strip the wires. Then take the Red and green wires twist them together. Then take the black and white wires twist them together.

    Now you must take the the Ground wires from the head phone jack and hook it to the black and white wire from the ipod charger side, then connect the red and white wires you twisted together before to the red and green wires.

    So you should now have

    Black/White and ground connected on one side this will be hooked up to Negative.

    Red/White and Red/Green connected this will be Positive.


    We first started out by hooked the phone up to his car. At first it didnt do much then we decided to rev the motor a little thats when we started to see a little smoke.

    Then the phone went gray we keep it hooked up for around 20 minutes.

    But we werent happy just yet so we went inside and found an old extendsion cord we cut off the part where you would plug stuff into it and used the other side of the cord we twisted the wires together and made sure we taped it up then we pluged it in. Poof! one smoking Iphone.

    After resetting the circuit breaker. We called the following number 1800 792 7753 told them we were charging the iphone and it began to smoke. They said how sorry they were and that they would email an RMA. They did we boxed up the phone, sent it back. Waited 5 days and the new iphone was at the door step! No joke. And this isnt the first time ive gotten away with this.

    If they cant read out the phone they cant tell you tryed to unlock it. Enjoy!

    Oh and this normaly works just with the car batt. but we hooked it up to the wall plug just for fun!

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    Wow... Making apple pay for your mistakes... That's actually pretty shady. One should realize that as of now, the iPhone is supposed to only be used on t,he AT&T network (after today, some Euro Carriers) and that hacking and modding is at your own risk. I'm not saying that this is okay, but these are the circumstances that we are presented. I wouldn't take to much pride in knowing that I've cheated the same company that I supported by purchasing their product, rendering it useless, and then covering my tracks by purposely breaking it more. I'm no saint, but man that's low.

    BTW: I'm not flaming ya, just voicing my opinion on your self confession.

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    "BTW: I'm not flaming ya, just voicing my opinion on your self confession."

    I dont in any way take it as flaming and if i was rich i would think it was wrong ripping off a company that sells an item for close to $500 that costs less then $10 to make in china.

    but hey thats just me.

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    Then why don't you have a 'chinese' company make one for you? BTW: To get my iPhone, I've had to donate plasma, sell multiple items on eBay AND work my *** off at work. So if you were insinuating that I was one of the rich spoiled kids that gets their iPhone b/c mommy said it was ok, your 100% wrong...

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