Yeah its my first post...I don't have an iPhone *YET* its coming soon.

However, I've been reading and putting what ive learnt through different thoughts and ideas.

My question is, is it the Seczone that holds the details for simlock?

If this is so, having the ability to backup&restore? the seczone. Would it then make it possible to, for instance, take an iPhone which is released in the UK on the o2 service copy the original seczone and write it over the seczone of your U.S. imported iPhone? This would mean no need for unlocking system if people from the UK/else where used this with say an o2 simcard, as the phone would think its an o2 locked phone?

Meaning, all that they would need is jailbreaking to activate?

I'm not sure, im not experienced in unlocking/hacking whatever, and I dont have an iPhone yet so its just pure speculation.