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    I'm a noob and have a question everyone'll laugh at. I'm looking to start using my new iPhone in France with the carrier Bouygues Telecom (Orange is the official carrier for France, I'm with AT$T for the moment) and know where to get the SIM. The question is: Do I need to start an account with them before activating it on the phone? I mean, when I go into the store, what do I say? What exactly am I buying? Do I need to preorder the data thingy and all that? or does the activation magically do that?

    I clearly don't have a clue what the hell I'm doing. If someone could spell this out for me, I'd really really appreciate it. It's not that I'm tech illiterate–my iPhone is jailbroken & unlocked via iLib+–but I simply don't have time to look this stuff up.

    I'm going tomorrow morning for the SIM, so I'd appreciate a quick response. Thanks in advance guys.

    -- André

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    Either, get their service w/o a contract or use a pay-as-you-go phone SIM. Usually you can get the service w/o a contract. The reason that people usually get a contract is because that is how you get those free and discounted phone. Usually, all you have to do is ask for a plan and the cheapest phone. MAKE SURE!! you specify that you don't want the contract.

    Just make sure they are a GSM company & it sometimes helps if they don't know that you are going to change phones.

    I hope I gave you the info u need.

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