hello all,
I couldn't find a full updated unolock guide.
I have done one unlock before with the current guide for 1.0.2,
so am pretty familar with that - I thought I could just figure it out in the same manner, but it seems independence has been updated, to make it easier, but now I'm having problems...

I've jailbraked my phone using independence (downgrade,upgrade,activate,jailbrake, and SSH)
I'm not 100% sure where to go from here - before I installed apptapp, and then all the things i needed from there (community support/openssh),
but it seems that I should just be able to use independence now to get files onto the iphone...I want to use anysim 1.1 to unlock it,
but it won't let me connect - it just times out.
I've tried using cyberduck too.

i've tried using both alpine and dottie as the password,
but no luck.

am i missing something?
can anyone help, or point me to a step by step unlocking guide for OS X?
Couldn't find a current one for 1.1.1