So I won an iPhone 8GB and now need to unlock it. I've tried to keep up to date on what was going on with the whole O.S upgrade downgrade thing even though I didn't have an iPhone yet. I'm running a G4 powerbook up to date 10.4.10 tiger and have an unopened iPhone. I'm guessing that it is running 1.1.1. I need to jailbreak and unlock it. On everything that I've read I need to first downgrade the O.S to 1.0.2 then jailbreak it and put apptapp on it. Then upgrade it to 1.1.1 then I can unlock it from there. It has gotten confusing if I can do all this with a phone that is fresh from the factory. So do I need to activate it before doing any of this? Is it possible to downgrade while not being activated at all? I do appreciate any help with the matter or links that can clear this all up for me.