Hi, I have just received my iPhone and next step is activation + unlock. After searching and reading different comments I am still a bit confused, as a lot of the information I have found takes the assumption of certain knowledge to begin with.
I would be happy if anyone could be able to help with precise answers to my questions below (a short step by step guide would be much appreciated) or link to some good help.

Current situation is that I have bought an iPhone with firmware 1.1.1 (in versions it says 04.01.13_G), and I run windows on my PC and my iTunes are version

Questions to Activating:
Do I have to jailbreak before the activation?
Do I need to use ďDVD-JonísĒ method for the activating, or do there exist another and better way of doing it?

Questions to Unlocking:
Do I need to wait for e.g. anysimís unlock method to be enhanced to cover windows or do there exist another way of unlocking my phone with the current 1.1.1 firmware?
Could I eventually downgrade to 1.0.2 firmware and use anysimís unlock method?

There is an AT&T sim card in the phone right now, do I leave it under the process or do I switch to my own sim card before I start anything at all?

Thank you in advance from a novice within the iPhone-world.

Flemming, writing from Luxembourg