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Thread: How to properly update an AnySIM-unlocked iP to 1.1.1 using IPSF?

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    Default How to properly update an AnySIM-unlocked iP to 1.1.1 using IPSF?
    According to IPSF's news site, the latest version of their software supports un-bricking iPhones that were unlocked while having Firmware 1.0.x installed using AnySIM (or other free unlock methods), and then bricked due to an 1.1.1 update.

    Here's my question: I currently have 1.0.2 installed and had unlocked with AnySIM. I never installed firmware 1.1.1. If I now decide to use the IPSF unlocking solution, do I need to intentionally brick my iPhone first by updating it to 1.1.1 and then use their tutorial to un-brick, unlock and re-update to 1.1.1, or can I simply load the IPSF application onto my 1.0.2 iPhone to somehow prepare it for a safe 1.1.1 update process?


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    yes you can but you will have to buy ipsf, this is what i did. i had 1.0.2 anysim
    unlocked with correct imei. first go to to the virginizing baseband
    and do that(i used mobileterminal on my phone). after that reboot the will
    then get not valid sim and the imei number will be screwed so then shutdown the phone
    and take out the sim and turn on the phone. your imei will be the original, then
    insert your sim and run ipsf. after ipsf runs it will say unlock succesful( my at&t
    and t-mobile work fine) i also have the patched lockdownd file on there. then you can
    successfully update to 1.1.1 without bricking. it worked for me. if any1 else tries
    this post your results. i used to buy my license this morning and got
    a e-mail 27 minutes later saying i could use ipsf. hope this helps not to mention
    1.1.1 will be unlocked too!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackwidow74 View Post
    yes you can but you will have to buy ipsf
    Yes, of course I'm aware of that.

    OK, I'm gonna give it a try and will report. Thanks!

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    I did exactly the same as Blackwidow.

    Anysim unlocked/jailbreaked iphone on 1.0.2.
    Virginized the baseband ( from mobile terminal ) to 3.14
    loaded IPSF ( i too used freeit4less - my email reply took 7 mins! )
    unlocked with ipsf
    Used independance 1.2.3 to upgrade to 1.1.1

    Phone remains unlocked through all restores - even downgrades to 1.02 and stays unlocked.

    Yes - the edge settings will dissapear , but they are easily put back in place , just got to find the correct apn and user/password on the net for your carrier.

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    OK, I know I am an idiot, but let me get this straight. (Also, I am assuming that this will work for iUnlocked phones as well.)

    1. Call IPSF and order your license (might as well do this first for speed).

    2. Download IPSF 1.6 and install it on my 1.0.2 iUnlock/AnySIMed phone.

    2. Virginize the baseband (using roughly the steps found here), with the bbupdater and the ICE03.14.08_G.eep & ICE03.14.08_G.fls.

    3. Reboot the iPhone.

    4. iPhone will complain about invalid SIM and will display wrong IMEI. Power down iPhone, remove SIM, power on iPhone.

    5. iPhone will boot with no SIM and will show correct IMEI. Phone is locked (due to baseband flash), but activated/jailbroken and can now have IPSF run on it to unlock with a correct baseband. Run IPSF and let it unlock the phone.

    6. Go ahead and let iTunes upgrade to 1.1.1. Iphone will now not be activated.

    7. Use updated Independence/etc. to jailbreak and activate 1.1.1 iPhone, which is then good to go.

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    You MUST use independance 1.2.3 to do the upgrade to 1.1.1 , independance has to prep the phone before letting itunes update it , then when thats done , use independance again to activate it , jailbreak it , install ssh , then post 1.1.1 upgrade actions. Job done.

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