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Thread: Unlocking Question....

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    Default Unlocking Question....
    Hi all,

    I'm familiar with unlocking, activating, and all the rest of it. But one question I have is how you see "unlocked" iPhone's on eBay and the like.

    From experience I have had to unlock the phone by inserting my own SIM card, then running an application on the phone such as anySIM.

    Now how can these people sell unlocked iPhones if you have to run an app which unlocks the phone to your actual SIM, or is there something I'm missing here?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can explain...

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    The unlock isnt Sim card specific. once your Unlocked it works with any sim ..hence the name of the app you are talking about "Anysim"

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    Well lets start off, the phone comes with a SIM lock on it, only AT&T ones (US) can be used.
    The unlock, is a application that you run on the phone which flashes the baseband firmware (the part of the phone that makes the calls) and removes that, to allow you to pop any sim card in and it will work.
    There are other ways such as SIM proxys which just trick the phone into thinking its an AT&T card, but it is not a TRUE unlock.
    When you run anySIM, it removes the lock, so any card will work, and yours doesn't have to be in at the time, so they can run it then send it to you.
    Hope this helps

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    That's great that, thanks for explaining.

    It's just that anySIM tells you to insert your SIM I think before it does it's thing? So I presumed it unlocks your SIM only.

    Will try it later, got my second iPhone on it's way (drunken night = lost iPhone).

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