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Thread: TLert incorrectly marking messages as read

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    Default TLert incorrectly marking messages as read
    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Send yourself an SMS
    2. [As Expected] Note that (if locked) IntelliScreen/LockScreen shows that you have 1 unread SMS. IntelliScreen displays the contents and author of the SMS.
    3. [As Expected] Note that (if unlocked) displays a badge with the number "1", signifying one unread SMS.
    4. [As Expected] Note that Tlert pops up displaying the text message you just received.
    5. Send yourself another text message, preferably with different content
    6. [!!!]Note that (if locked, and Tlert is set to ON for lock screen), IntelliScreen/LockScreen STILL shows that you have 1 unread SMS. The author/content are updated to the new text message, with the original text message being marked as read, despite potentially not having been seen
    7. [!!!] Note that (if unlocked) STILL displays "1" in its badge, rather than the expected "2".
    8. [!!!] If you click the button to close Tlert, the number of unread SMS is now 0 (instead of 1), and the original text message pops up.

    Unless I'm misunderstanding the reasoning behind this, it seems like an unintended effect that is quite serious, and could very well result in SMS messages going unnoticed if another is sent afterwards without the first being read.

    EDIT: Also, if you disable Tlert in the lock screen, get an SMS message, then view it with IntelliScreen's QuickView (and thus marking it red), Tlert will still pop up with the message after you unlock.
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    Thanks for the details - they always help!

    Basically - I couldn't repeat the issue. IntelliScreen is showing 2 unread, and the SMS App as well (until i press the red icon to exit Tlert).

    Are you sure you're not viewing the SMS in QuickView via IntelliScreen - which would mark it as read? Tlert will only mark it read if you press the X or reply (the latest Tlert has an option to not mark as read - but it's currently global until I can find a spot to put it to allow per message).
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    my situation goes like this:

    i have Tlert installed

    send my self sms with biteSMS quick compose (biteSMS quick reply disabled)
    my phone receives the sms, Tlert pop up works, get 1 badge on default sms app. reply to myself using Tlert pop up still 1 badge stays on default sms app. The only way i can make it go away is open default sms and reply from to my sms from there.

    3G 3.1.2

    any suggestions?

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    Cheers dude!

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