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Thread: T-Mobile T-Zones EDGE Settings Fix for 1.1.4

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    It worked at first but then I got the COMVERSE error again
    I tried restarting the iphone 5 times .. I also reuploaded the two files : proxy and plist but it didnt work.. please help!

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    HI. How to connect iphone thru routher, and can you give me pull guide, please

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    EITHER IM COMPLETLY STUPID or i just dont know enough to understand what anyone is talking about, i downloaded that ibrikr thing plugged my iphone in and it tried downgrading my firmware to 1.1.2 i dont want that i want to keep 1.1.4 like evryone else says they use, i dont understand what all that proxy stuff is the prefrences either i downloaded all the files and its all just jiberish to me could someone please step by step everything cause im so lost. thanks if anyone can help me.


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    I have 1.1.4 iphone unlocked using Ziphone3.0 with a T-Mobile Total Internet Plan $19.99, and I never had a problem with the EDGE, I'm also using APN:

    I don't know is it because I have the Total Internet or that I'm using different APN than the one mentioned before (

    I'm thinking of moving to T-Zone Pro ($9.99), does anyone have an idea if I still be able to use Unlimited Internet, email, Youtube, etc.... as I have now even without doing the Hacking thing?


    T-Mobile have 3 plans; $5.99 (T-MobileWeb), $9.99 (T-Zone Pro), and $19.99 (Total Internet), so I have downgraded the plan to the $9.99, and observed the following:
    1., didn't work
    2. APN:, the following worked fine; internet, youtube, email, google maps, google locateMe, weather, stocks, though the internet speed is slower than before...
    3. No more Free HotSpot (Starbocks, ets)....

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    Hi, I did this with my 1.1.4 iphone unlocked and jailbroken with libierty and it works good except for youtube, but now I can't use wifi how do I fix this?

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    Thank you dsmkilla, your help worked. I had to restore after deleting a rogue program and had to update to 1.1.4. Your help and using my other phone to test t-zones. Sim card back in the iphone and T-zones with edge is back. Thank you.

    Maybe I spoke too soon. It has stopped working again. Keep trying.

    Now back on: Strange !
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    T-zones was working on Friday & Saturday, now on Sunday and here Monday it does not work.

    T-zones $5.99 plan using firmware 1.1.4

    Ziphone activated/jailbroken, etc. 1.1.4

    Bigboss t-zones hack for 1.1.4

    What's up with this?

    Should I call T-mobile?

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    try the 1.1.3 tzones hack in the 1.1.3 tweaks section, im using it and it works fine.
    T-mobile has stolen my wallet's heart

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    Why would I use the 1.1.3 instead of the 1.1.4 that I have? My iphone's firmware is 1.1.4

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    I just called t-mobile and was very open about having an iPhone that works with t-mobile and they were like, "Cool! Let me get you over to a person who can get your phone set up with the EDGE network." Actually I had a blackberry internet plan which was $30/mo and was able to downgrade my internet plan to the regular $20 unlimited plan to connnect to EDGE so I ended up saving $10/mo by going to iPhone from Blackberry.

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    Thanks for the tutorial. Worked great for me, and haven't had any problems to speak of. I just don't get youtube. I know it's cuz of t-zones, so I'm not sweating it. I can get it to work flawlessly on wifi. Thanks again, it's nice to finally get my email on my phone.

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    im experiencing the same... any resolution?

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