I have contacted T-Mobile several times in the past few days, asking them why I can't get any EDGE service on my iPhone when I use the limited T-MobileWeb sites that they offer to prepaid customers, and at first there was a service outage regarding t-zones and Total Internet, which could mean the EDGE network for my area was down at the time.

But I recently called yesterday and they confirmed that the outage was fixed and that EDGE is functioning for all of my cities' zip codes (Laredo, TX)

I check on my iPhone and I still get the no E box, which represents GPRS mode. All T-Mobile reps confirmed me that the Laredo area has EDGE coverage, which leads me to believe that this T-Mobile EDGE Coverage Checker is outdated.. But I have never gotten any EDGE coverage on the phone, no matter what settings I do or anything. It does work though, letting me login to wap.myvoicestream.com and wap.4info.net, but I'm not being connected via EDGE, but GPRS rather.

Does this mean that EDGE only works on Sidekick Prepaid, FlexPay, post-contract ($5.99 for t-mobileweb), and Total Internet?